JUST MOVE! A New Approach to Fitness after 50  –  By James P. Owen


Former Wall Street rainmaker Jim Owen was 70 when he decided he had to get fit. Years of a chair-bound lifestyle had left him stiff, weak, and plagued by aches and pains. With help from the experts, he distilled the secrets to becoming functionally fit, an approach very different from old-school bodybuilding. He also developed a step-by-step program that can be tailored to any level of physical ability.

Today Jim is past 75, and in the best shape of his life. His journey of transformation has proved that you can push back against aging. Jim’s practical and inspirational guide will empower anyone who’s over 50 and wants to:

• Get fit, but thinks it’s too hard – or too late
• See more results from working out
• Feel better and look younger
• Have fewer aches and pains
• Know how to avoid injuries and falls
• Be more motivated to stay active


Foreword by Dr. Miriam C. Morey, Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine


Photo by Havey Productions

After a successful 35-year Wall Street career, James P. Owen found new purpose in being an author, inspirational speaker, and social entrepreneur. His book, Cowboy Ethics, a best-seller with more than 150,000 copies in circulation, and two follow-up volumes, Cowboy Values and The Try, put a spotlight on the importance of shared values and personal character in our society. Jim’s books and speeches also launched a grassroots movement that has reached thousands of businesspeople, educators, students, and parents around the country. Along the way, Jim established a nonprofit foundation, the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership, to help support and amplify those ongoing programs.

Now Jim has expanded his focus, becoming a passionate evangelist for fitness as a way of life. In his speaking engagements, he reminds audiences that being in shape helps older adults stay mobile, active, and independent, enabling a quality of life no amount of money can buy. Fitness could also play an important role in combatting serious chronic diseases and controlling health care costs as our nation’s over-50 population balloons.




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